Professor Meng Tao


Frau Meng Tao ist Privatdozentin an der Capital University of Physical Education and Sports in Peking und machte ihr Doktorat im Institute of Physical Education in Shangai. Sie hat den 7th Duan und ist nationale Schiedsrichterin.

个 人 简 介

Dr. Tao MENG, professor of Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, is a Tutor of postgraduates as well as a National referee. She also holds a certificate of Level 7 of Chinese Martial Arts and is one of the top talented teachers in Beijing. Dr. Meng was a visiting scholar at the University of the Pacific, California USA. She is also a senior advisor of US Wushu Acdemy.

Being a referee, Dr. Meng is deeply involved in the competitions and events at all levels hosted by the Chinese Wushu Association. She was invited to be the referee for American Youth Wushu Selection Competition and other US Martial Art competitions in US in 2012. Ever since 2001, Dr. Meng repeatedly gave lectures and participated in cultural exchange activities in Germany, Italy, India, United States and etc. She was sent to Austria and Switzerland by Chinese Wushu Association in 2015 to teach Chinese Martial Arts and evaluate the work of promoting Levels of Chinese Martial Arts.

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